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Church Materials

We'd like to help you Tell The Story.  To help you, here's a free book that we're happy to send your way!

We don't just write these Bible materials

We Use Them!


    We use these materials and you will be glad you use them too!


    Our names are Gary and Wendy Collins and we have invested our lives into sharing the Gospel with children. After many years in the ministry we have learned so many valuable lessons about working with children. We want to share what we have learned with you too!


    Quality Speech Materials began as a ministry to Christian schools. And as we continue to offer textbooks and other speech materials that provide a God focused point of view, we soon found an additional goal to work toward. As we met with Pastors and Teachers in churches across the United States we quickly began to refocus our efforts on Vacation Bible School, Children’s Church, and Beginner’s Church programs that would help and enhance their ministries. 


    We have written these materials in such a way that they are easy to use and effective in reaching boys and girls for Jesus Christ.


    There are lots of publishers who offer similar types of materials, but we are different.


    We are different because we only use the KJV version. We know the stand for Fundamentalism you take because we share your zeal for holding to the old time Bible truths. We stand with you and you can trust anything we produce to be God honoring, Fundamental, and KJV.


    We are different because our materials are not just fluff that fills time. Instead our Bible stories zero in to examine motives, desires, the human condition and the Divine response. Big words! But we present these concepts in a clear, simple manner geared to a child’s knowledge level and interests.


    We are different because of our years of experience with traveling in an evangelistic ministry that focused on ministering to children. Because of that focus, these materials enable us to share with you the benefit of knowing how to keep up the pace, how to present things that interest children, and how to reach and challenge children to want to love and obey God. We save you the time of having to write your own materials every week. We have done the work for you!


    We have a passion for reaching children with the Gospel of Christ. We know that is your passion too!


    You only have a short time to reach the hearts and minds of the children who sit in your classrooms. Don’t waste a moment of that time!


    Use materials that will assist you in guiding young hearts and minds to understand and accept Biblical truths and principles. A child’s eternity depends on it!


    Our Bible lessons do not merely entertain, fill time, or skim the surface. Instead, they dig deeply into God’s Word and bring to light things of eternal value. They give children heros to emulate and Biblical goals to reach toward.


    These materials grab and hold children’s attention. Picture a child laughing at a puppet who is learning to be kind. Listen to young voices as they echo back Scripture they are hiding in their hearts. Watch as kids sit on the edge of their seats, mouth open in rapt attention as you tell them exciting Bible stories.


    Let us help you make that happen in your church. It is our pleasure to share our knowledge and these materials with you as we have with hundreds of other churches for the past 25 years.


    Click on the link and get your free copy of our book, “Tell Me The Story.” It teaches storytelling techniques, Do’s and Don’ts of storytelling, use of characterization to make Bible stories come alive, valuable counseling information on leading a child to Christ, and much more. Then check out our VBS and Children's Church materials.


    Let us help you to Tell the Story! 


“I have taught from many different curriculum through the years. But yours is by far the best and most in depth.” 

—  Pastor's Wife

We'd like to help you tell your story.  To help, here's a free book that we're happy to send your way!

Meet Our Team

Gary and Wendy Collins traveled in full-time evangelism for over 30 years. Their program was called Total Church Evangelism. They held evangelistic meetings using Gospel illusions, Swiss cowbells, ventriloquism, readings and dramatic sermons. Their daughter grew up on the road and added to the program from the time she was 5 years old when she began playing "Jesus Loves Me" on the bells. She also assisted her mom and dad with the illusions and played a folk harp.

When the Collins conducted meetings in churches with Christian schools, Wendy often conducted speech seminars and helped students with speech techniques. Seeing the need for Christian based Speech materials prompted her to write several Speech text books for Christian schools. That was the beginning of Quality Speech Materials.


As the Collins continued traveling in evangelism, many pastors would mention to them the need for good fundamental VBS materials. They would lament about the lack of materials they could trust and of the high cost of materials. This prompted the Collins to begin publishing VBS and Children's Church programs that were trust-worthy, Bible-based, and affordable.

Shortly after the Collins began to write these programs the Lord changed the focus of their ministry from one of traveling to that of producing materials for churches and schools. They feel that the Lord allowed them to learn so many valuable lessons while on the road and they feel that they should pass it on to others.


On a more personal note, Gary and Wendy are active members of Victory Baptist Church in Simpsonville, SC. They are actively involved in teaching Sunday School, Children's Church and direct the VBS. They are both graduates of Bob Jones University. Gary's major was Bible and Wendy's major was Interpretative Speech. 


They are conservative and fundamental Bible believers.

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