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Treasure Mine - God's Treasures are Mine!


God's Treasures can be yours. Dig deep into the treasures of God's Word. Daily unearth gems of truth that contrast wisdom and foolishness.


Join Clem the Coyote for daily memory verse puppet skits.


Learn important lessons in the skits about the gems of Christian Living


Sit on the edge of your seat with an exciting secondary story about a boy's quest for wisdom


The VBS manual gives you everything you need to run a week of VBS.

Included is: The entire platform program with Puppet scripts, Daily theme skits, Secondary stories, Bibles stories, etc.

Also included are: Copyready materials of Forms, Activity Sheets, Registration cards, Sheet music for songs, and much more!


Daily Bible Stories 

  • Day 1 - A Rebellious Son vs. An Obedient Son - Cain and Abel
  • Day 2 - A Greedy Nephew vs. A Giving Uncle - Lot and Abraham
  • Day 3 - A Jealous Father vs. A Loving Son - Saul and Jonathan
  • Day 4 - A Haughty Son vs. A Humble Son - Absalom and Soloman
  • Day 5 - A Pious Religion vs. A Personal Relationship - Saul/Paul

Treasure Mine - Hardcopy

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