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Speak Out! Teacher Edition makes teaching speech an enjoyable and interesting experience.


Speak Out! Teacher Edition Is teacher friendly. In fact, if you have never taught speech you will find this book to give clear, step by step instructions. You do not need a degree in Speech to teach this text. Our main goal is to provide you with curriculum you can easily use with a minimum of preparation time.


Speak Out! Teacher Edition provides you with everything you need to be an informative, challenging, and effective speech teacher.


 New 3rd Edition! Our new 3rd Edition adds new information on subjects such as Internet Research, etc. This edition also includes twice as many speech assignments as our previous editions.


This text gives you:

  • Class discussion guide
  • Activity ideas
  • Effective workshopping techniques
  • Speech assignments
  • Tests - Reproducible
  • Speech evaluation sheets - Reproducible


     But Wait - That's Not All 


* Tips on creating a safe speaking environment

* Complete student text

* Study question answers

* Test answers

* Other reproducible materials for classroom use


Speak Out! Teacher Edition supplies practical materials for speech instruction. A wide variety of speech genres are covered. Every chapter is applicable to the student's life for now and the future.


Student text chapter titles:

* The Importance of Speech

* Extemporaneous Speech

* Basic Speech Techniques

* Ministry Related Speech

* Selecting And Preparing Literature

* Interpretation Of Poetry

* Characterization

* Interpretation Of Dramatic Literature

* Stage Deportment

* Acting

* Storytelling

* Public Speaking


Perfect Bound - 8 1/2 x 11" - 301 pages

Speak Out! Teacher's - 3rd Edition

SKU: TX 02
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