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Speak Out! gives your students a speaker's point of view on selecting, preparing, and delivering a speech. Speak Out! supplies practical materials for speech instruction. A wide variety of speech genres are covered.


Speak Out! is more than just an "oral English" text. This text majors on Speech, not literature. Many other speech texts tell you how to write an outline, or analyze a piece of literature. That's English.

Speak Out! focuses on speech.


Every chapter is applicable to the student's life for now and the future.


Take a look at the chapter titles:

* The Importance of Speech

* Extemporaneous Speech

* Basic Speech Techniques

* Ministry Related Speech

* Selecting And Preparing Literature

* Interpretation Of Poetry

* Characterization

* Interpretation Of Dramatic Literature

* Stage Deportment

* Acting

* Storytelling

* Public Speaking


Speak Out! is up-to-date.

You can be sure the information is relevant to today's Christian school student.


Speak Out! has a Biblical foundation. We do not throw in the word "God" in the first chapter and then proceed for the rest of the book without Him. In every applicable area the Bible and Biblical principals are pointed up. Students learn how to evaluate a reading by measuring it against God's Word. They are asked to find and consider an author's life view. They are given Scripture to back up a point.


Speak Out! creates effective Christian speakers. The world needs to hear the voices of bold Christian speakers. The church needs workers who are not afraid to teach Sunday School or Children's Church. Young people can be trained to face the opportunities ahead with confidence.


Let Speak Out! assist you.


Soft Cover, 6 x 9" Perfect bound, 193 pages

Speak Out! - 3rd Edition

SKU: TX 01
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