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Pioneers and Prairie Dogs


Come travel along as your young pioneers learn about following God on their journey through life.


Share the adventures of the Israelites as they head for the Promised Land.


Laugh at daily memory verse puppet skits with Clem the Coyote.


The children will love the exciting daily stories from "Pilgrim's Progress."


The VBS manual gives you everything you need to run a week of VBS.

Included is: The entire platform program with Puppet scripts, Daily theme skits, Secondary stories, Bibles stories, etc.

Also included are: Copyready materials of Forms, Activity Sheets, Registration cards, Sheet music for songs, and much more!


Daily Bible Stories

  • Day 1 - Call to Action - Moses is Chosen
  • Day 2 - Following Our Wagon Master - God Guides Israel
  • Day 3 - Exploring New Frontiers - Desert Wanderings
  • Day 4 - Circling the Wagons - Israel Faces Trouble
  • Day 5 - Journey's End - Israel's New Home

Pioneers and Prairie Dogs - Download

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