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Operation Sword and Shield - Adventures in Faith


Old Testament heroes of battle lead the way to teach the principles of victorious Christian life. Come join the Lord's Army today!


Experiece exciting visits from the Masked Commando.


Daily learn about the Armour of God.


Excite children to learn the Bible with Memory verse skits with Private Snoozer.


The VBS manual gives you everything you need to run a week of VBS.

Included is: The entire platform program with Puppet scripts, Daily theme skits, Secondary stories, Bibles stories, etc.

Also included are: Copyready materials of Forms, Activity Sheets, Registration cards, Sheet music for songs, and much more!


Daily Bible Stories:

  • Day 1 - Gideon - Obey Your Commander
  • Day 2 - Joshua - Numbers Don't Matter
  • Day 3 - David - Let God Defeat Your Giants
  • Day 4 - Fiery Furnace - Determine To Trust
  • Day 5 - Be a Faithful Soldier of Christ - Faithful In Your Battles 

Operation Sword & Shield - Download

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