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It's A Jungle Out There!


Follow the example of Jesus and other New Testament heroes as we learn the importance of holy living, witnessing, reaching out to others and meeting the needs of people all around us.


Laugh at the fun daily memory verse puppet skits with Chip the Chimpanzee.


Venture into the Jungle with daily skits about a missionary as he leads a team on a mission.


Enjoy exciting stories from the life of missionary, Mary Slessor.


The VBS manual gives you everything you need to run a week of VBS.

Included is: The entire platform program with Puppet scripts, Daily theme skits, Secondary stories, Bibles stories, etc.

Also included are: Copyready materials of Forms, Activity Sheets, Registration cards, Sheet music for songs, and much more!


Daily Bible Stories

  • Day 1 - The Good Neighbor - Jesus' Parable of the Good Samaritan
  • Day 2 - Feeding Hungry Bodies/Souls - Jesus feeds 5,000
  • Day 3 - Four Faithful Friends - Jesus heals a man
  • Day 4 - A Changed Man - Jesus meets Zaccheus
  • Day 5 - Say Yes to God/No to Satan - Jesus Sets the Example

It's A Jungle Out There - Hardcopy

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