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Cross Training - Focus on the Finish


Put on your running shoes and join us on the race through life. Learn to press forward with eyes focused on the finish line.


Learn how to run with daily memory verse puppet skits with Sir Teddy who joins the race.


Daily "Champions of the Faith" missionary interviews highlight the lives of godly missionaries.


The dynamic continuing story from the life of Olympic Gold medalist, Eric Liddell, daily inspires children to faithfully run the race for God.


The VBS manual gives you everything you need to run a week of VBS.

Included is: The entire platform program with Puppet scripts, Daily theme skits, Secondary stories, Bibles stories, etc.

Also included are: Copyready materials of Forms, Activity Sheets, Registration cards, Sheet music for songs, and much more!


Daily Bible Stories 

  • Day 1 - Whose Team Are You On? - Saul is on the wrong team
  • Day 2 - Join Christ's Team - Saul's conversion
  • Day 3 - Working Out - Saul is changed
  • Day 4 - Opposition - Without/Within - Paul faces trouble
  • Day 5 - Following Christ To The Finish - Paul presses forward

Cross Training -Hardcopy

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